Rules for Picking!

  1. Absolutely NO smoking or alcohol anywhere on the farm.
  2. Check in at the farm market to pick up your picking containers, weigh your containers, and allow our farm staff to direct you to the proper pick-your-own field.  
  3. We have containers and bags that you can pick into. Should you choose to bring your own containers, be sure to have them weighed prior to picking.
  4. We know it’s human nature to taste while you pick, but please refrain from eating while you pick! Please do not eat any fruits or vegetables until you have paid for them.
  5. Do not pick undesignated crops in undesignated areas. No wandering around the farm or into undesignated fields.
  6. You MUST pay for EVERYTHING that you & your family pick. Please pick only what you plan to purchase.
  7. Our picking fields are within walking distance from the farm market & parking area. No unauthorized vehicles are permitted in the fields.
  8. To make sure this is a fun and educational experience for all, please WATCH, MAINTAIN, and CONTROL your children.
  9. No throwing of fruits, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.
  10. No coolers or picnic baskets are permitted in our picking areas.
  11. ALL bags, containers, baby strollers, etc. are subject to search by our staff.
  12. Be careful when walking in our fields. Do not step on the plants, climb on the trees, or break branches. 
  13. No running in the fields – some footing may be uneven. 
  14. Drink plenty of water while picking in the fields, and wear sunscreen as needed. Drinks are available in the farm market.
  15. Dispose of any & all trash in our garbage cans.
  16. For safety and health reasons, please, NO dogs on the farm or in the fields.
  17. We are a working farm. Be aware of and keep away from trucks, tractors & all farm machinery, whether parked or in use.
  18. Bob's Berries, LLC reserves the right to remove guests from our fields at any time.
  19. The most important farm rule: HAVE FUN!