We are using nothing but Organic Certified products from Fertilization to Pest Control.

All products used are OMRI Certified Organic or allowed by the USDA Organic Playbook.

We have a system in place to ensure the healthiest plants possible. More information will be coming soon regarding our procedures for various pests or problems with plants. This is where it gets Sciency.

Chitosan has been repeatedly found to exhibit potent antimicrobial activity in plant tissue as well as the induction of plant defenses, and/or the stimulation of beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes also stimulate root growth which in turn reduces irrigation consumption. Fertilizers and pesticides not only destroy the microbes that make healthy soil, but also promote soil compaction by destroying the food-soil web, which are the organisms which keep soil loose and fertile. Loose soil better maintains an aerobic state, which promotes beneficial organisms over the harmful anaerobic ones. Our system should boost water conservation by over 50% in the coming years.

Water Usage and Conservation

We are using well water from our farm to provide irrigation to the plants and trees. The well water is from a well drilled approximately 150 feet down to ensure best water quality. It is being filtered by a disc filter system to remove any debris to prevent drip irrigation malfunction. Our water test results will be posted when they are complete and will be updated regularly to ensure its within appropriate ranges for our soil biology and the health of the plants. Our drip irrigation system is open source and controlled by a custom built micro computer. We will provide instructions and step by step setup for those interested in building their own system. With this system, we are able to locate soil moisture sensors in every row of plants to ensure the soil moisture content is ideal for our plants and to ensure we do not use water when water is not necessary. The moisture sensors will sample the soil level at down to 5 minute intervals. This, combined with real time weather data provided by the micro computer and a rain sensor will ensure we are saving water whenever possible. All of this will be available through a web page designed to control the irrigation system from anywhere in the world. Our drip irrigation system is also specifically designed to help alleviate leaf fungus since we are not spraying the plants overhead with water. High amounts of moisture on leaves will lead to foliar nematodes and other fungus.

Food safety is also very important to us. More info related to our food safety program is coming soon.