Phalsa (Sherbert) Berry Care Guide

Grewia asiatica is native to southern Asia from Pakistan east to Cambodia. In these areas it is widely cultivated and commonly known as Phalsa or Falsa. We simply refer to it a Sherbet Berry. Phalsa produces a edible drupe that is purple to black when ripe. This small fruit is loaded with antioxidants. It is eaten fresh with a sprinkling of salt and black pepper. Phalsa also make an excellent thirst quenching sherbet juice that has a cooling effect.

Although we have not yet retained our Organic Certification from the USDA, we have taken great care in selecting the best organic starter plants and using all organic practices on them from day 1 to provide the best fruit possible.

We currently have a great stock of Blueberries and will soon be expanding into Thornless Blackberries as well as an early bloom organic Strawberry. Keep checking back for more info.