Goji Berry Care Guide

Lycium barbarum is known by a number of different names: Goji, Wolfberry, and Red Diamonds. Lycium barbarum is from Ningxia, China where it is cultivated for food as well as traditional medicines. The foliage is bright silver, the flowers lavender, and the fruit is a orange-red. Goji plants are very cold tolerant and can survive temperatures as low as -15°F. The leaves and roots are also high in nutrients. Mature Goji plants have good drought tolerance, however irrigation will increase yields.

Although we have not yet retained our Organic Certification from the USDA, we have taken great care in selecting the best organic starter plants and using all organic practices on them from day 1 to provide the best fruit possible.

We currently have a great stock of Blueberries and will soon be expanding into Thornless Blackberries as well as an early bloom organic Strawberry. Keep checking back for more info.