Our Local Raw Honey is currently sourced from a variety of local beekeepers.

Local Honey is an important part of your daily diet. For those suffering from seasonal allergies, Local Honey has been known to help your body build up resistance to the local pollen that causes most allergy issues. Local in the honey world is defined as being within 110 miles of your home.

Raw Honey is the second most important word in the product. This means that the honey has never been heated above the temperature that the bees keep the honey in the hives. This preserves the enzymes and nutritional benefits. It has also only been filtered to remove large particulates from the honey, leaving the pollen. Most of your store bought honey has been heated and run through high micron filters removing all of the benefits and leaving only the sweetener aspect of it.

Sourced honey has been thoroughly vetted and inspected by us to ensure they are using true "Organic" beekeeping practices. This means we know them not to use any sort of pesticide or fungicide on the bee hives. We purchase it in bulk and use a commercial kitchen to bottle and label it.

Honey in Florida comes in several varieties. Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Palmetto, and Brazilian Pepper. The bottles will be labeled accordingly and available throughout the different seasons.

Honey Facts